What is the best armband to hold your iPod Touch while working out?

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lohgan :

I’m tired of carrying around my iPod touch at the gym, does anyone have any recommendations to a good armband to hold it? Or should I buy a little nano just for the gym?

Here are all the armbands that Apple is providing for me: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/ipod_accessories/armbands?n=ipodtouch2&mco=MTM3NTA1NDE&s=topSellers

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I wouldn’t suggest working out with your iPod Touch because it’s fairly expensive compared to the other iPods so you should invest in a Shuffle. They are about $60 and a case would probably run you $30-$40 so you might as well spend an extra $20 and get a shuffle that you don’t have to worry about, and it’s small so you don’t have worry about where to put it. I wouldn’t suggest a Nano either because you would still have to buy an arm band to hold it and a shuffle is just more convenient, especially if you’re just using it for the gym. You can just put a playlist for your workout on it for when you go to the gym and just use your iPod Touch anywhere else. It’s just more convenient than spending almost the same amount of money on a case for your iPod Touch. Hope that helps!

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