Don P :

I found a pretty good deal on the Zuni 30 GB MP3 player (brown 30 Gb Zuni is $100 right now at Costco).

My wife has an MP3 player, but she’s wanted an iPod for a long time, mostly because of all the cool accessories you can buy for it. So…

Do you think Zuni is better, worse, or equal to iPod?

Most iPod accessories have that connector that the iPod plugs into. Does the Zuni (and other MP3 players) work with that same plug-in just like the iPod does?

Also, my wife wouldn’t like the brown color (she’s more of a pink kinda lady). Have you found a good source for skins that would fit the Zuni?

Christmas is coming! Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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chocolatepanda24 :

I’m thinking about buying an iPod Touch.I hear about case, screen protector… etc. What are the must have accessories for it?

If you can also name the store where I could buy them for cheap, that would be great!


Sara S :

I’m buying my BF an IPOD for Christmas, but I know he’s going to want to hook it up to his surround sound, he seems to think he needs a whole new speaker system to do it.

Do I need to buy any accessories, or a whole new surround sound system? If I can just buy an add on for it, I’d love it, but can I have some advice on where to find a good one? His surround sound is Phillips, but it sounds really goode.

dudeyelzer :

hi, i was just wondering where i should buy an ipod, whether in bestbuy/circuitcity or a similar store….or in an apple store.
i know that prices should be the same, around 250$, but i also heard that some stores give discounts for buying accessories such as chargers/cases etc…also, which city should ibuy it in, i heard that NYC has this tax thats 8% of the sale price, so if its true would it be better to buy it in orlando ? or somewhere else ?

and another question…and this is for anyone who has an ipod already – which charger should i get? ive heard that the apple charger dies after 2 weeks of charging, and ive also heard that theres a griffin charger thats good.
so if anyone has insights or any thoughts please share
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Jared G :

Truthfully. In 9/10 condition with box and all original new accessories?

Unique :

Comparing everything.. price, accessories, software, functions, battery life and recharging time… everything..
If i put a budget for myself of about 100 to 180 U.S. Dollars. (You can ignore the budget if necessary).
BUT.. I just want it for music and pictures, not movies
Thank you

Angel L :

I just bought a new mp3 player , same size as ipod nano,using normal usb, is there anything such as usb to ipod docking converter so that i can use ipod accessories?

Sam, Vice President of the YAA :

Is there a difference between the Shuffle and the Nano besides one having a screen and the other having none? What’s the pros and cons?

And what does a standard iPod package come with? Do I need to buy separate accessories for the iPod like a charger? What does it have? Software? Charger?

lalalaland =] :

some people have been telling me that ipods are somewhat overrated but in what way?

well, I am not convinced on buying such pricy ipod accessories… that’s why I sometimes consider it as overrated..

in what other ways are ipods overrated?

James H :

I bought an ipod, and when I opened the packaging there was a plastic pice that looks like it can fit in something, and you can put your ipod in it and it stands up, and theres a hole to plug in your ipodcord. can anyone tell me what this is?

iPod Touch help (Accessories)?

Vanessa L : Well i am going 2 get an iPod Touch and I am buying the Accessories I want 2 get good quality ones that work good for an iPod Touch. I am buying it from Please Help !
rite now it doesn’t really matter the price…

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Do iPod Touch Gen 2 accessories work with Gen 1?

Jeff : I found a really amazing case for iPod gen 2. I only have gen 1. before i buy it, would a hard case (not rubber, plastic) for gen 2 work with gen 1 iPod Touches?

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i bought my ipod touch 8gb 3 days ago – i realized today that 8gbs is not enough?

Lana4ka : so can i bring it back to best buy ( i have the receipt, ipod doesn’t have any scratches , all accessories included ) and buy a 16 gb ipod?will they give me a hard time?

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What is the best armband to hold your iPod Touch while working out?

lohgan : I’m tired of carrying around my iPod touch at the gym, does anyone have any recommendations to a good armband to hold it? Or should I buy a little nano just for the gym?
Here are all the armbands that Apple is providing for me:

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